30 covers/30 days

November is National Novel Writing Month and to celebrate that John Gall has been organizing design-a-thons, where novelists submit a (really) brief description of their novel and in 24 hours a designer has to create a finish cover. You get three synopsis to choose. I chose SS Incubo Films until my daughter asked for help with her french homework and I found a bucket of plastic jewels in her closet. So instead of one, I submitted two. It was fun, except I lost sensation of my fingertips by the hot glue gun fixing all these sequins.

Title: SS Incubo Films

Author: Susie Miller

Genre: Young Adult & Youth

Synopsis: The movie studio Incubo Films has a ground breaking documentary in the works: put a bunch of teenagers on a boat for a year, and watch what happens.
The story follows Felicia and Derren, the most unlikely of friends, bound together by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They will have to work together to figure out just what is really happens below deck, and what Felicia’s father has to do with it.
Is there something more going on, or do adults really just want to get to know “the brains of teenagers?”

Title: Peace, Love, and BFFs

Author: Megan G.

Genre: Young Adult & Youth

Synopsis: My novel is about eight girls who are best friends. They are just going into sixth grade and they have no idea what to expect. Along the way, they battle evil teachers, broken hearts, and sinister lunch ladies.

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