TDC 32 judges pages communication design annual…

Early this year I was the chairman for the Type Directors Club Communication Design competition and my dear friend Matteo Bologna of Mucca Design was commissioned to design the annual. Instead of showing the photographs of sleepless judges bundled for cold January weather, he got caricatures of all of us. The superb cast of judges this year included, Angela Voulangas, Art Chantry, Arem Duplessis, Bruce Willen (Post Typography), Fons Hickmann, Jason Kernevich (The Heads of State) and Mario Hugo. We have never looked better.

PS. Mario Hugo is talking at the TDC salon on November 17 and Jason Kernevich in April.

Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich TDC 32Angela Voulangas TDC 32Art_Chantry TDC 32Arem Duplessis TDC 32Bruce Willen TDC 32Fons Hickmann TDC 32Jason Kernevich TDC 32Mario Hugo TDC 32


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